• Summer Reading Program

    We are in our twelfth year of a required summer reading program at North Newton Junior-Senior High School. Why do we have required summer reading for NN students?

    Reading is a skill that every student needs, not just for school tasks, but for employment, civic duties, and enjoyment. Reading opens the world through literature so students may learn about people, times, regions, and ideas that enhance their lives.

    Research strongly suggests that reading, like most skills, improves when practiced and decreases when neglected. North Newton is committed to taking the steps necessary to prepare students for success. Since we believe that reading is a vital skill for that success in reading, thinking, and writing beyond the halls of high school, students entering grades 7-12 will read, review, and prepare for assessments that will be given the first week of the 2018-19 school year.

    Students have the freedom in this program to select an interesting title from their grade-level list. Students enrolled in two levels of English are required to read for the higher grade only.

    When students return to NN in the fall, they will be expected to take a test over the book(s). The test will count for no more than 5% of the first nine weeks grade.

    Each student is responsible for acquiring his/her summer reading book(s). To obtain the book(s),

    • borrow from the public library, but don’t wait until the last minute!
    • borrow from a friend, neighbor or relative.
    • purchase on Alibris Books, Ebay, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or even Good Will!
    • purchase new from a bookstore of your choice.
    • purchase the e-book and read on a Nook or Kindle.

    Students and/or parents with questions, concerns, or comments should contact Karen Williams at kwilliams@nn.k12.in.us or contact a member of the school’s office staff at 285-2252. This packet will be posted on the school web page at www.nn.k12.in.us. The public library staff is willing to help secure additional books, if necessary. Please contact them at these numbers: LV (992-3490), Morocco (285-2664), Roselawn (345-2010).

    Books are listed from easiest to hardest reading level.

    Incoming 7th graders will be provided with book summaries. All other students are encouraged to research the titles and contents online.

    Students entering English 7 are to read ONE of these books:

    • Firegirl    Abbott, Tony
    • Touching Spirit Bear    Mikaelson, Ben
    • Flipped    Van Draanen, Wendlin
    • Walk Two Moons    Creech, Sharon
    • War Horse    Morpurgo, Michael

    Students entering English 8 are to read ONE of these books:

    • Stolen: A Letter to My Captor    Christopher, Lucy
    • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone    Rowling, J.K.
    • The Maze Runner    Dashner, James
    • Matched    Condie, Ally
    • Heroes of the Holocaust: True Stories of Rescues by Teens    Zullo, Allen

    Students entering English 9CP / 9H are to choose ONE BIOGRAPHY or AUTOBIOGRAPHY to read (at/above lexile level). Students will be required to provide the book title, the author, and the number of pages prior to the assessment.

    Students entering English 10CP are to read ONE of these books:

    • Monster    Myers, Williams Dean
    • The Fault in Our Stars    Green, John
    • My Sister’s Keeper    Picoult, Jodi
    • House of the Scorpion     Farmer, Nancy
    • We Were Liars    Lockhart, E.

    Students entering English 10 H are to read TWO listed books; English 11CP students are to read ONE:

    • The Five People You Meet in Heaven    Albom, Mitch
    • Nineteen Minutes    Picoult, Jodi
    • Looking for Alaska    Green, John
    • Fahrenheit 451    Bradbury, Ray
    • All the Bright Places    Niven, Jennifer
    • The Revenant    Punke, Michael

    Students entering English 11 H are to read TWO of these books:

    • The Silence of the Lambs    Harris, Thomas
    • Night ShiftSelected Stories * (see list below) King, Stephen
      • *Selected Stories: "Graveyard Shift," “Night Surf," “The Mangler," "The Boogeyman," "Trucks," "The Ledge," "Quitters, Inc.," and "Children of the Corn"
    • The Green Mile    King, Stephen
    • Misery    King, Stephen
    • Jurassic Park    Crichton, Michael
    • Salem’s Lot    King, Stephen
    • 11/22/63    King, Stephen

    Students entering English 12CP are to read ONE of these books:

    • Night    Wiesel, Elie
    • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter    Grahame-Smith, Seth
    • If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home    O’Brien, Tim
    • The Green Mile    King, Stephen
    • Different Seasons (chaptersRita Hayworth”and Ape Pupilonly)    King, Stephen
    • Jurassic Park    Crichton, Michael
    • The Martian    Weir, Andy
    • 1984    Orwell, George
    • Misery    King, Stephen
    • The Things They Carried    O’Brien, Tim