• eLearning @ NNSC

    1. Teacher Preparation – staff training, professional development, expectations
      1. Survey students for Internet vs. No Internet at Home (Send home the first day)
      2. Teacher Showcase to demonstrate good ideas through Professional Development
      3. Teachers submit eLearning assignments to principals for approval prior to eLearning practice day
      4. Teacher practice with students before actual eLearning day (September 29, 2017)
        1. No assignment should have been a first time for the student
        2. Alternative assignment available for “no Internet” students
      5. Students should take device home prior to eLearning to make sure everything works at home
      6. eLearning Practice Day- October 31, 2017
      7. Communicate with parents how you can be reached during an eLearning day
    2. Student Preparation
      1. Device should go home prior to eLearning day (K-12)
      2. Download assignments at school and save to device.
      3. Take home device and power cord
    3. Technology Preparation
      1. Mobile filter installation
      2. Backup plan if filter blocks them at home
      3. Tech Support Hotline available
      4. Cases/backpacks for devices to go home
    4. Administration Preparation
      1. Communicate with parents – describe intended result, expectations for students and parents, child care issues, no Internet options, special education, free/reduced lunch options
      2. Professional Development on LMS, Google Classroom, how to set up email notice and Google Classroom notice, etc..,