North Newton Graduates will be productive and responsible citizens capable of solving problems and communicating effectively.


    The North Newton Community will instill in all students the values of character, scholarship and service as well as the desire to evolve into life-long learners in an ever-changing society. This will be accomplished by challenging all students to gain knowledge and develop communication and problem-solving skills.


    The North Newton Jr./Sr. High School Belief Statements are:

    1. We believe the North Newton Community is composed of students, parents, staff, and others who should interact to provide appropriate opportunities for learning.
    2. We believe education is achieved by linking all disciplines.
    3. We believe that learning is best achieved in a safe, disciplined environment.
    4. We believe all students need to be technologically literate in an ever-changing society.
    5. We believe communication includes reading, writing and oral skills.
    6. We believe that all students can learn when provided appropriate opportunities.
    7. We believe students need to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their achievements.



    All students will improve their reading comprehension skills throughout the curriculum.