The North Newton School Board of Trustees met on Monday, March 1, 2021 with seven other neighboring school boards at North White Jr/Sr High School to vote on two resolutions passed in opposing HB 1005, SB 412 and SB 413.  These pieces of legislation currently being discussed at the State House vastly expand vouchers in the state of Indiana.  Despite having no private or charter schools in our attendance area, North Newton loses $77,387 annually to Choice Scholarships.  This is money the district will never see.

Schools in Indiana receive their funding from state sales tax revenues to support our Education Fund.  While legislators may say they are giving more money to K-12 education, little funding is making it to PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  See this graphic:

Here is a recording of the March 1, 2021 school board meeting held at North White: (starting at 1:34:58)

Reach out to our State Senators and Representatives to let them know you are opposed to vouchers and to the bills referenced above.  Their contact information is:

Senator Rick Niemeyer, email:,   Phone: 1-800-382-9467

State Representative Doug Gutwein,,   Phone: 1-800-382-9841