The North Newton School Board will hold a special school board meeting on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 in the Morocco Elementary school gym, at 7:00pm to review the NNSC Re-Entry plan.  Part of this discussion will involve a change to our current mask guidelines (recommended but not required).  Due to significant COVID-19 spread in the classrooms and schools, as well as a number of students quarantining as close contacts, the school board will meet to discuss the change that is being proposed:

If a building reaches 1% positive for COVID-19, masks will be required for everyone (vaccinated and un-vaccinated)  in the building for at least 30 days from the last documented positive case that required contact tracing.  Close contacts within 3 feet of positive case will be notified to monitor for symptoms for 14 days.  If symptoms develop, individuals will isolate and get tested, whether fully vaccinated or not.  Applies to the classroom setting only.  Does not apply to high-risk activities such as lunch, band, choir or extra-curriculars (ISHD 9-3-21).  If individual is a close contact to a positive in non-classroom settings, they would need to quarantine.  This plan will continue to be regularly updated with the school board as necessary. 

Re-Entry plan update 9-29-21