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COVID 19 Update

Posted on 4/2/2020

Hello North Newton Community,

There will be many changes coming in the next couple of days, weeks and months ahead.  In an effort to stay on top of these changes, different aspects of the Counseling Department will have to change as well.  As the state legislature releases information regarding how the daily operations of our society must change, the IN Department of Education, or IDOE, will expect us to implement these changes at the school level.  The School Counseling Department’s number one job is helping students graduate high school. All throughout the school year, Mrs. Salan and Mrs. Fatouros will review transcripts, track graduation requirements and ensure students are on track to graduate.  As legislation changes, the items that must be tracked changes as well. Everyone’s patience is appreciated during this time while we work hard to stay on top of all of the changes and requests. If you need to contact us, the counselors will be available via email during E-learning days.

 Please contact the following people for questions related to the School Counseling Department:

  • Kelly Wendelburg Kwendelburg@nn.k12.in.us : work permits (digitally will correspond with employer), transcripts (we use Parchment https://www.parchment.com), and enrollment
  • Amy Gibson Agibson@nnk12.in.us : Testing, Grad Pathways, Tier 2 Grad Pathway items
  • Karen Fatouros Kfatouros@nn.k12.in.us  and Kristen Salan Ksalan@nn.k12.in.us:  Scheduling, classes, legislative updates, grade level information, graduation updates and tracking 
  • Kelly Petri Kpetri@nn.k12.in.us : SAT/ACT testing and updates 
  • Kira Christenson Kchristenson@nn.k12.in.us: Online courses for Credit Recovery

Scheduling is an ever-evolving process.  Students, even though it may be stressful picking classes for next school year and planning your high school careers, I want you to know that the counseling department at North Newton works more closely with you than a lot of other school counseling departments do.  During scheduling, you receive a copy of both your audited transcript and your graduation plan. With this information, you and your counselor are able to review which required classes you have remaining and the status of your graduation qualifying exam so you will be able to graduate on time.  

We do our best to fit students into requested courses, but sometimes a class your child wants to take is only offered the same hour that another desired class is offered.   During scheduling, it is our number one goal to ensure students are enrolled in all of their required classes for graduation. Our secondary goal is to make sure students are in the elective classes they want to take.  Schedules will be released on Powerschool in July. If there is a mistake or your preferences have changed, then you can complete the Schedule Change Request through a link. This system has been used since the 2018-2019 school year during Add/Drop Week.  It will be sent again through your student’s Google Classroom and email.

A LOT of valuable information is sent through Google Classrooms.  Your student has been given this information through email, school announcements and meetings.  School Counseling updates will be sent to students through both email and the grade level Google Classrooms.  At this time, we will not offer any summer school classes or programming but if this changes I will update via Google Classrooms.  Below are the access codes for each Google Classroom, which parents and staff are welcome to join at any time:

  • 7th grade School Counseling Classroom: 3yes36i   
  • 8th grade School Counseling Classroom: upt2qii
  • 9th grade School Counseling Classroom: yvkelnw    
  • 10th grade School Counseling Classroom: mex2mck
  • 11th grade School Counseling Classroom: e30yl25    
  • 12th grade School Counseling Classroom: mitpruc
  • Scholarships Classroom: o6i4xew

All students are STRONGLY encouraged to complete all coursework posted to their classroom websites.  If students are having difficulty during this time, it is imperative for them to contact their teachers.   Seniors: Continue to complete your work and contact Mrs. Salan or Mrs. Fatouros if you have a question or concern through the Counselor Request portal.  We are still your counselors and are here to help you! Any student who had an F grade at the conclusion of Q3 has been sent an email about an online course option.  The cost per class is $30. We are leaving our online platform available for credit recovery only.  If you did not receive this information, contact Mrs. Salan or Mrs. Fatouros.  Ms. Christenson is your point of contact for support regarding the online course once you are enrolled.

Everyone, let’s stay safe and enjoy the opportunity to slow down and take better care of ourselves!  I continue to be honored to serve you as your School Counseling Director. Please know there is a solid plan developed to best serve the needs of you all.  I will send updates as soon as I am made aware of them. Let’s take this time to get better at listening, encouraging, and supporting one another! And remember, education is a very important tool that anyone from any background can use to build the future they choose and deserve.

Be well and stay safe,

Karen Fatouros

It is the policy of the North Newton School Corporation not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation or handicap in its educational programs or employment policies as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act 1964, Title IX of 1972 Educational Amendments, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Inquiries regarding noncompliance of acts in violation of Title XI and Section 504 should be directed to the Superintendent, North Newton School Corporation, P.O. Box 8, Morocco, IN 47963. Telephone (219) 285-2228.